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Conference Schedule



8:00 AM


This will be your registration time and to get familiar with your surroundings. The “Retail Therapists” (vendors) will be open at this time as well!

8:15 AM

Pre-Service Prayer

We invite you to join us for a power packed 15-minute pre-service prayer that will set the atmosphere for God’s presence during this conference.

8:30 AM

Main Doors Open for General Seating

9:00 AM

Morning Main Session


11:00 AM

The Inner Work: Work Room Sessions

•Boundaries & Family Systems
•What’s Your Purpose
•Grief & How to Cope
•Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism
•You Not Crazy

12:30 PM


2:00 PM

The Inner Work: Self Care Sessions

•Be-You-ti-ful-YOU: Make-Up 101
•Chunky Knit Blanket Making Room
•Spa inspired Quiet Room
•3D “Hello” Sign- Arts & Crafts room
•Game Time- Community Connect Room
•Health and Fitness Class
•Health and Nutrition

3:30 PM

The Unpacked Show LIVE

4:15 PM


6:30 PM

Evening Main Session


8:15 PM




8:30 AM

Main Doors Open for General Seating

9:00 AM

Morning Main Session


11:00 AM

Interactive Experience

Your Life is Right

12:45 PM


2:00 PM

The Inner Work: Workroom & Self Care Sessions

•Addictions & Intimacy
•Emotional Intelligence

•Quiet Room
•Game Room
•+65 & Over Room

3:45 PM

Afternoon Main Session



Want to Stay Nearby?

Hotel Accommodations 


400 West Las Colinas Blvd 

Irving, TX 75039

Avg. $199 per night


122 E John Carpenter Fwy

Irving, TX 75062
Avg. $135.00 per night 

Get ready to...





Release your Gifts
Dream & Aspire
Move forward
Expect more

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Want to be a Church Host?

If your church would like to be a part of the conference but can't make it to the Irving Convention Center, no worries! Host the conference with us! 

Conference Host

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Juliette has been in love with Jesus for as long as she can remember. Over the years, she has had the privilege to be a part of several mainstream Christian leaders and learned first-hand the ebbs and flow of ministry good and bad.

Juliette loves people and has a deep desire for them to have a true depth and an authentic relationship with Lord. Her goal is help foster an experience with Him that will cause a positive change in one's life that will truly catapult them into a deeper and more intimate walk with the Father.

Born in New York, raised in Florida, and now rooted in Texas, this Afro-Caribbean has been graced with wisdom, discernment, and a prophetic edge that calls all who hear her to a deeper relationship with Jesus. She is highly regarded for her authenticity and ability to speak truth in love.

Juliette and her beloved husband, Tim, planted Embassy City in September of 2015. She currently hosts “Unpacked”, a show that is seen across the country and around the world while she oversees the prayer ministry at Embassy City Church. She has her two boys, a teen and a tween, Nathan and Noah and her mother, affectionately known as “Ms. Persis,” whom she adores deeply and are her other heartbeats. Her main mission in life is to see how she can be an example and show others how to truly fall madly immersed with her One. True. Love.

Juliette's Vision

I love empowering people and pushing them to expand their minds and passions. But it’s really difficult to fulfill dreams and desires when we allow our embedded issues to take the wheel of our lives. This conference is only in name... but truly, it is an experience.


I want to do something different for you. Something you can use past a Sunday. Something you also apply to your life in addition to the Word of God. I want you to know how your body reacts to stress, trauma and anxiety and how to physically deal with it in a healthy way. But it will be difficult to do that if you don’t have the adequate tools to use.


So, here we are. This experience is going to

1) Empower You with tools

2) Encourage you to fulfill your purpose 

3) Release you and

4) Expect you to leave wanting MORE for your Life.


We will do all this and have some good fun in the process. Here’s a special note I hope you take with an open heart. That is, your status, your degree, your position, your title, your rank or your role is not needed at this particular conference. All we need is YOU. A simply authentic YOU. And if you can’t find her, then bring who you have been. But YOU are so welcomed here. You will realize that there are many just like you with similar areas of life we all share. No one is here to judge, we can’t, that would be hypocritical, and we would need to find ourselves in one of these workrooms. We are simply here to help each other.


The Lord gave me this conference concept down to every detail. HE wants you here and He believes in your healing. Some, if not most, will take a process, and that’s okay. We will walk through it together. Let’s leave this experience being a better leader, a better doctor, a better mom, a better CEO, a better trainer, a better Pastor or Pastor’s wife, a better customer service agent. No matter your life, your space, your situation, let’s leave this event truly empowered to live the REST of our lives moving FORWARD... BETTER than we have been before.

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Ladies...Let's Finally be Whole!



Emotional Intelligence


There are 9 basic fundamental emotions that most, if not all of us have. We all engage in them at some point or another in everyday life. Some of us STAY in some of these emotions and feelings probably longer than we should. This workshop is going to help us identify the “WHY, HOW LONG, WHO and WHAT we are going to do to deal with it and NOT allow it to hold you back any longer. If you find yourself ANGRY, a lot, disgusted, or just simply sad, this workshop is going to equip you and give you the tools to not allow it to overtake you.

family boundaries_edited.jpg

Boundaries/ Family systems

family boundaries_edited.jpg

Many of us don’t realize that we allow people to invade our space on so many levels, i.e., work, school, home, family, friends and frankly, even ourselves. We don’t realize that healthy boundaries keep us safe. Most often, we find it difficult to put up healthy and safe boundaries around the ones we love the most. Our families should be our pride and joy, but that is not always the case. It could be the way that our family system is structured, that may cause a sense of disfunction or unattributed levels of anxiety and stress. This class will walk you through ways, ideas and concepts that will help you set parameters that keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.


Addictions & Intimacy


Addictions and Intimacy are very personal issues that many people suffer with silently. Commonly, people often attribute “addictions” to abusing drugs or alcohol, but there are many things people get addicted to that are not always as visually pronounced. An addiction can be anything that one does with continued use regardless of its harmful effects or consequences... When you fear, you struggle with vulnerability. When you have a secret addiction, and/or an unhealthy behavior, you would rather do anything to protect that issue, then to open up and get help and support. This is often connected to our intimacy related issues. We just may have them focused in the wrong place. This workroom will give you the tools, awareness, perspective and offer the support you can use to sort this out in your life.


What's your Purpose?


Let’s identify your treasures, talents and gifts in this “Purpose Mapping” workroom. Find out the “How To” and the “Understanding” of your calling and your assignment. What’s your passion and how can we know about WHO YOU ARE. Maybe you are doing GREAT in life, yet you still may feel as if ... “Is there more for me, God?”


This is a workroom that will help YOU see YOU in a more dynamic way.


Grief &

How to Cope


There probably isn’t many who haven’t experienced some form of loss in our life. Whether it is a loved one, an animal, a job or home, we have experienced grief. It is sometimes one of those mysterious, unexplainable chasms in our soul and often there are no words to explain or define it, but we can surely feel it. This room helps us to navigate these gulfs in our life and will give us some understanding knowledge to help us walk it out every day without it sinking us into a dark place.


Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism


This class should be standing room only if we are being honest with ourselves. And this conference is here to challenge us to be honest with ourselves. Many, if not most women struggle with an Imposter Syndrome and/or Perfectionism. Whether we are comparing ourselves to someone else or trying to “look the part.” Acting like something you’re really not and/or nothing is just ever good enough for you. Let's take a look at OUR OWN selves for a minute... HONESTLY, and let’s see what the deeper issue is here. Why are we not satisfied with “US”? Why must we present ourselves as flawless individuals? Let's dig deeper in this class and let's live a more authentic life.


Cultural Diversity (Bicultural/Multicultural): 
Navigating Ethnic & Racial Differences


God made everyone in His own image and His own likeness, but because He is so widely versed in his expression of His likeness, we have the opportunity to see all His various facets in people. Sometimes we may not understand all the dynamics of people in their different cultures, race, ethnicity, background and mindsets. It can be troubling at times to understand it all and keep a balance when feelings, and culture is involved. How do we really navigate effectively the scope of our private cultural spaces: marriages, families, children, friends and even co workers when we others impede verbally or in action with their misunderstandings. How do we make our “blended decisions” work for us and not allow others or ourselves to insert unnecessary conflict in our lives.

Stressed Woman

The BIOLOGY of Stress and Trauma on the Body

Stressed Woman

This class is offered ONLY on Saturday 9/10 - Participants will learn about the brain and the body's stress response to stress and trauma, the effects of healthy vs. unhealthy childhood development on adult functioning, the effects of healthy vs. unhealthy childhood bonding and attachment on adult functioning, the effects of chronic stress on health, learn ways to stabilize and heal from the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind, demonstration of practical exercises for physical and emotional stabilization techniques.

post partum_edited_edited.jpg

You Not Crazy

post partum_edited_edited.jpg

Do you wonder how the body stores memory? Did you know the body's memories can affect us and make us feel C-R-A-Z-Y? In this class we will discuss the types of traumatic body memories, how to heal body trauma and know that God loves our bodies, and we can, too!  




Be-YOU-ti-ful YOU:

Makeup 101


This fun energetic class is going to teach you how to give your look a “Pick Me Up” with just the make-up you have in your bag! Bring your eyes, lips and cheeks and whatever brushes you use to feel good about yourself and learn step by step: How to turn a day look into an evening look”. “How to use what you have and feel like an artist on your beautiful canvas!

** This class requires you to bring your own make-up**


3D-Round "Hello" Sign Arts & Crafts Room


Say “Hello” with this beautiful faux pallet 3D Round. You will personalize with stain, paint & flowers. Class kit includes: Faux Pallet Round, 3D Ring, 3D Hello, Wood Flowers, Set of Greens, and live Instruction from Hammer & Stain Waco.

*** This class has an optional kit fee of $35.***

yoga mat_edited.jpg

Health & Fitness Class

yoga mat_edited.jpg

This is an opportunity to get your stretch in, your blood flowing and your mind cleared. During a fun filled day of conferencing, you might want to loosen up a bit. So, bring your yoga mat if you choose, or even a towel. You can purchase either one when you arrive to the class to take home with you.


***You do not need one to join this class*** There is no kit fee for this class.

Healthy toast toppings_edited.jpg

Health & Nutrition

Healthy toast toppings_edited.jpg

As women, our bodies go through many changes and challenges. We often battle with weight gain, bloating, stretch marks, cellulite and any other thing we are surprised by when we look in the mirror every day. Some of us struggle with the foods we eat or should not, with the carbs we love and the way it loves us back, and with health disparities that challenge us.  We need some really good tips on ways that we can battle our issues in a healthier, noninvasive way. Knowledge is power. So, let's plan ways in which we can do better so we can be better in areas of nutrition.


Chunky Knit Blanket Making Room


In this fun playroom, you will Create a handmade SUPER soft, COZY LAP THROW BLANKET from scratch. No crochet needles needed. These blankets make GREAT gifts or keep for yourself! Instruction from start to finish so you can continue to make these amazing blankets on your own! This is brought to you by Hammer & Stain Waco.

** This class has an optional kit fee of $35 for the supplies of the materials. You can take this class without buying the kit. You can also buy the kit onsite if you change your mind.

Spa Room_edited.jpg


Quiet Room

Spa Room_edited.jpg

This space is open for those who want a more quiet, meditative, reflective space. With spa-like aromas and serenity, this room is a little get-a-way from all the noise for a little while. Let this quiet room reenergize you and get you ready for the rest of the conference.


Game Room


This is fun multipurpose game room where you can put your game playing skills to the test. How good is your game? We’ll have several different games going on at the same time. Find your spot and or move around. Let’s see if fun competition is okay for you.


Prizes will be awarded to winners in this room.


65+ Years Young Only


This is a room just for you. If you are 65 and older, (and noooo cheating) this room is for you to come and get spoiled. We want to honor and love on you if you choose to come. Please note, you have the complete choice to go into any other workroom if you desire to learn get hands on tools to embrace a healthier you, you are more than welcome. Now, those of you younger than 65, don’t try to sneak in here... we’ll be watching :)

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Are you ready for an